The wardrobe audit creates the game plan for an educated and enlightened shopping experience. We eliminate the frustration and exhaustion many clients have experienced in the past when shopping alone.

We select items in advance so the actual shopping day is focused and productive, with little or no downtime.

Education on the go
We continue to shift your shopping paradigm by teaching you what to buy, where to buy it, when to buy it and how much to spend — with everything connected logically to your unique image and lifestyle.

The Drew Sisselman Image Consulting approach to personal shopping means a more enjoyable and successful day for you and overall a more empowering shopping experience.


Drew took me from a clueless schlep to total champ. He really made me look good and I’m so grateful. Its funny — after I had the new wardrobe, a guy in one of our series on TNT showed up dressed in an extremely similar manner and style. Hmm maybe they used my new style as reference for the show — that would be great.

— Chris Farbolin
Turner Broadcasting