In the current employment market there is a growing number of highly qualified, desirable candidates competing for the same career position. Who will get the job? The candidate with that “je ne sais quoi” (the it factor). Your first visual impression is immediate, subconscious and indelible. What does your wardrobe and body language convey to interviewers? What do your verbal skills articulate about you? Your total image can and often will provide you with that edge, “that it factor” to wow your interviewer and ultimately secure your position as their number one candidate.

We combine the right clothes, personal styling, accessories and presentation polish that give you an edge to distinguish you from the competition, making you the most compelling contender for that job you really want.


Drew took me from a clueless schlep to total champ. He really made me look good and I’m so grateful. Its funny — after I had the new wardrobe, a guy in one of our series on TNT showed up dressed in an extremely similar manner and style. Hmm maybe they used my new style as reference for the show — that would be great.

— Chris Farbolin
Turner Broadcasting