There are many special opportunities that will require you to choose just the right look to create visual appeal, yet you may be unsure of how to handle them. Turn to Drew Sisselman Image Consulting if you want to make the most of:

Events — We can style you for those special holiday parties, formal events and have you packed for those corporate retreats/conferences and leisure travel.

Maternity — We can create a personally expressive yet comfortable wardrobe that gives you freedom and ease during and after your pregnancy.

Customized Clothing — It’s all about fit. Weather it is custom tailoring for pure impeccability or to work with a physical challenge or impairment, we can customize your wardrobe to enhance your attributes.


Drew took me from a clueless schlep to total champ. He really made me look good and I’m so grateful. Its funny — after I had the new wardrobe, a guy in one of our series on TNT showed up dressed in an extremely similar manner and style. Hmm maybe they used my new style as reference for the show — that would be great.

— Chris Farbolin
Turner Broadcasting