Once we have the results of your Style Assessment your Wardrobe/Closet Audit is the next step in your transformation.

  • We examine your current wardrobe for style, line, color, and texture and see what works and doesn’t with respect to your new image profile.
  • We teach you how to mix and match what you already own in ways you never imagined. As an option, we can also take photographs to create an easy-to- use visual catalogue of coordinated outfits.
  • We purge outdated and worn items, along with pieces that simply do not fit your body or newly established style. Most clients find this process liberating — most Americans typically wear only 20% of what’s in their closets on a regular basis.

Drew took me from a clueless schlep to total champ. He really made me look good and I’m so grateful. Its funny — after I had the new wardrobe, a guy in one of our series on TNT showed up dressed in an extremely similar manner and style. Hmm maybe they used my new style as reference for the show — that would be great.

— Chris Farbolin
Turner Broadcasting