How often have you met people who make impeccable first impressions with their appearance, only to have those images shattered once they open their mouths? Why not ensure that your “second impression” is as powerful as your “first impression”? Drew Sisselman Image Consulting works with clients to ensure that their entire “personal package“ is honed and focused. We provide customized one-on-one coaching in:

  • Body Language Interpretation — Does your body language confirm or contradict your words? Are you sending mixed messages or confusing your listeners? We teach you the nuances of body language to give your words more clarity and impact.
  • Presentation Skills — Studies repeatedly find that public speaking is our greatest fear (followed closely by death and taxes). We coach you past the fear to become an authentic, “present” and more powerful speaker.
  • Speech — This is not only about what you say but how you say it. We work with you to identify your particular speech issues (such as grammar and usage bad habits as well as elocution (accent, pronunciation and intonation). Whether you are a native English speaker or it‘s your second language, we are skilled in applied linguistic programs for teaching you to speak with greater clarity and comprehension.
  • Etiquette and Protocol - This is more than just not speaking with your mouth full or picking the correct fork at dinner. Poor etiquette and protocol have disempowered many professionals (who often don’t realize it) in the eyes of colleagues and clients. Learn the rules of the road to save embarrassment and, more importantly, your most vital business relationships.

Drew took me from a clueless schlep to total champ. He really made me look good and I’m so grateful. Its funny — after I had the new wardrobe, a guy in one of our series on TNT showed up dressed in an extremely similar manner and style. Hmm maybe they used my new style as reference for the show — that would be great.

— Chris Farbolin
Turner Broadcasting