Your team members are on the front lines everyday, presenting your company's brand and their image and style can be essential to making or breaking client relationships.

Dress Code Solutions - We work with your Human Resources team to clearly define the company’s brand and create a set of guidelines (combining text and photographs) that gets all employees on the same page. We help you explain and enforce professionalism in levels of business attire, proper fit and styling, colors and textures, accessories, grooming and hygiene. Remember: without a clear, written, formal dress code, you may be powerless to enforce proper standards of appearance and disciplinary actions.

Personal Brand Management - We provide one-on-one coaching to team members to help them enhance their style and professional appearance in keeping with the corporate while maintaining their own personal self-expression.

Human Resources: On-boarding Support - Designed to empower the Human Resources team, Drew Sisselman acts as a third party expert during this process to insure that new hires “get with the program”.


As the opening sales team for the city’s newest and most stylish hotel, I wanted my staff to resemble and embody the fabulous brand that is the W. Drew gave us great insight into how wardrobe and image can impact business deals and each member received empowering style counsel that they could implement immediately. Drew’s charisma and wealth of knowledge makes his presentation extremely engaging and entertaining.

— Susan D. Barry
Marketing & Sales Manager, W Atlanta Midtown