Your personal style and image are not
just your calling cards, they are your
personal brands.

But are you doing all you can to have the greatest impact? Are you creating a powerful, positive impression on prospects, clients, co-workers, friends and even your family? Can you do more with your natural strengths and features — no matter who you are and what body type you have?

We are an image consulting firm specializing in personal appearance and communication skills for individuals and corporations. Our sole focus is to enhance the first (and second) impression that you make, while providing you with the tools to succeed in life with confidence, power and ease.

Ready for the new you?


What is the difference between an image consultant and a personal shopper in a store?
The personal shopper works for the store. Their job is to sell you clothes from their store. As an Image Consultant, I work for you.
When does it make sense to work with an image consultant if I am on a weight loss or fitness program?
It depends on where you are in relationship to your goals. At some point you will reach a milestone (or size) and need clothes simultaneously. That would be a good time to call us.