Top Tips for Business Attire

Top Tips for Business Attire

Some common missteps with easy solutions for an enhanced wardrobe foundation.

Men: Consider choosing ties that are proportional to your body, chest in particular.  The sixties retro skinny ties seem to work better on the thin guys. By the same token the more common full size ties (3.5” at it’s widest part) can make a thin guy look like he’s wearing a napkin in his collar.

Ladies:  Consider wearing your suit jacket (foregoing the shell) as a finished top as long as it closes high enough to the neckline.  If not, a tailor can adjust the lapel and apply a small snap.  It enhances an hourglass figure and gives you a beautiful triangular space to display a colorful necklace to show off your eyes…yes your eyes.

Men:  Your shoes are your style meter.  Even for you conservative guys, choose a shoe that is current, distinctive in design and preferably brown. Why brown? It will add more style to both your grey and blue suits and it shows you’re willing to travel outside the pack.

Ladies:  If you are going to wear peep toe or open toe shoes in the workplace, make sure your toes are in good shape (rein in those hammertoes) and nails colored appropriately.  You can’t go wrong with French.

Men:  Certainly by now you’re on board with flat front pants.  If not, that train has left the station, so catch up.  For most men the pleats do nothing for you except create a balloon effect.  Most of the current designer suits come with flat fronts so no more excuses.  And news flash: women prefer to see men in flat front pants rather than pleats.  Nuff said!

Ladies:  Thanks to Oprah and other media mavens, European custom fitted bras have been in the lingerie lexicon for quite some time now.  It’s absolutely true, these bras will put them in their rightful place, it’s an engineering thing – don’t ask.  It will truly transform the way your clothes fit.  So run, don’t walk to the specialty bra shop.

Men: Business casual, if not clearly defined by your HR department, is unfortunately too often misinterpreted.  Save the golf shirt and khakis for the putting green and choose a button down shirt and casual dress slacks instead. A great short sleeve option for the warmer weather is an Izod or Ralph Lauren Polo style as they have a variety of fitting options.  With either brand, at least it still says business without looking like you’d rather be someplace else…the golf course.

Ladies: Firstly don’t take your business casual cues from men.  For starters, just lose the jacket, which actually presents a perceived delineation between biz and “biz-cazh”.  The key is to look intentionally business-like while casually styled.

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