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This is officially my first blog posting on this site-whoohoo!  I’ll try to contain my enthusiasm.  As an image consultant I hear my clients say to me, “I don’t want to be trendy or fall victim to the latest fashion trend”  Men in particular will say that in defense of wearing 10+ year old shoes that (duh) still fit.  Hmm to which I reply, “Define trend and/or trendy.”  Then I usually get an assortment of responses that boils down to, “the latest fashion thing or style.”

Personally I think the word gets a bad rep.  So let’s chat about this, shall we.  Mr. Webster employs words such as fashionable, in, current, now, cutting edge, contemporary, stylish …derived  from trend connoting direction, course, tendency, prevalence, style (ah there’s that word again).

Now I know that my clients come to me to simply develop a style that works well for them and fulfills their objectives, however some seem to get tripped up on that word-trendy.  But I will postulate here that IF trend=style/stylish (physical aesthetic context)=design, THEN trend is just the current design.  All elements of design; fashion, furniture, interior elements, architecture, consumer products and automobiles are all subject to and defined by current design trends and even cycles.  We could pontificate this area into the next fashion week however I shall be succinct.  We are visual creatures and our choices are initially based on that aesthetic and simply what appeals to our eyes.

So guys I will assert that you did not buy that new car to replace the perfectly good four-year old model for its Hemi engine.  You were seduced by its good looks and current design.  So update your style and buy the newly designed shoes, but feel free to justify with a more practical reason like they’re more comfortable.

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    thanks for the interest. stay tuned.

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    thanks so much for your interest and stay tuned.

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